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Network Power

Network energy products such as Telecom and UPS batteries produced by Leoch are widely used in communication networks and data centers at all levels to provide a key guarantee for the normal operation of communication networks. Five of the world's top ten carriers use the Leoch Battery. Utilizing the industry's advanced production equipment, design concepts and production processes, we can ensure that our batteries meet the needs of our customers in terms of service life, product performance and consistency.

  • GEL Battery

    GEL Battery

    LEOCH Gel VRLA batteries are building on our experience in AGM VRLA batteries. LEOCH battery completely relied on its own technology and strength, and has successfully developed LEOCH GEL battery. Through simulation and speedup tests,it has shown good effect, and LEOCH GEL battery' every quality indicator has reached the advanced overseas level and has become a series production.


  • LPCG Series

  • LPFG Series

  • LPG Series

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  • VRLA-AGM Battery for UPS

    VRLA-AGM Battery for UPS

    LEOCH VRLA-AGM batteries are Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators. Since1994, LEOCH has made rapid progress by using matured technology invented more than half a century ago. LEOCH is now able to design, build and market high quality, long life VRLA-AGM batteries from 2V to 24V, and 0.5AH to 3500AH. LEOCH produces batteries from scratch and is capable of engineering tools and molds upon our customer's request. LEOCH is now one of the fastest developing lead-acid battery manufacturers in the world.


  • LHR Series

  • XP Series

  • LP Series - General Purpose

  • LPX Series

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