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Network Power

Network energy products such as Telecom and UPS batteries produced by Leoch are widely used in communication networks and data centers at all levels to provide a key guarantee for the normal operation of communication networks. Five of the world's top ten carriers use the Leoch Battery. Utilizing the industry's advanced production equipment, design concepts and production processes, we can ensure that our batteries meet the needs of our customers in terms of service life, product performance and consistency.

  • Lead-carbon batteries

    Lead-carbon batteries

    1.New energy generation (solar, wind, PV/wind hybrid) access to energy storage systems 2. Peak load shifting energy storage system 3. Load tracking energy storage system 4. Smart grid, micro-grid system 5. Mobile container storage system 6. Oil and electricity hybrid energy storage system 7. Grid frequency adjustment energy storage system 8. New energy communication base station, Core computer room, IDC ,UPS 9. Other energy Storage System


  • LRC Series

  • LC Series

  • PLH+C Series

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    Solar Power Deep Cycle Battery


  • LPGS Series-TRUE Hybrid GEL Battery

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